About Tax Amazon Burbank

2020 has been a rough year for Burbank. We’ve seen many of our favorite local small businesses forced to close. Los Angeles County is now one of the centers of COVID-19. Unemployment remains at 10%, and our city is facing a $10 million budget deficit. However, the money exists to address these and other problems facing our community. Burbank is home to major businesses, studios, and soon Amazon—a company that more than doubled its profits during the pandemic! We need to organize and build a movement to tax Amazon and other big businesses in Burbank to fund our schools, provide direct COVID-19 relief to Burbankers, and fund high-quality social housing.

Thankfully, we don’t have to start from scratch: in 2020, Seattle City Council passed a tax on Amazon and large businesses after a months-long pressure campaign organized by socialists, progressive activists, union members, and ordinary working people known as Tax Amazon.

We want to bring together everyone who is willing to organize a grassroots democratic movement to tax Amazon and other big businesses in Burbank. Invite your friends and family, neighbors, and coworkers.